Below Grade Membrane & Vapor Barrier Systems

Our below grade membranes are economical and user friendly. They are liquid applied, and available in Vertical / Horizontal grades. Typical applications include under tile / pavers, foundations, split slabs, planters, bridges, tunnels. Our PC IM 129 is a dual component submersible waterproofing membrane that is NSF 61 approved to be contact with potable water.

System Specifications

  • Polycoat® PC-IM 129 System

  • The Polycoat® PC-IM 129 System is a two component, liquid applied, asphalt extended aromatic polyurethane waterproofing membrane system. The system utilizes two coats of Polycoat® PC-IM 129 with an optional polyester innerply mat.

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  • Polycoat-Aquatight™

  • The Polycoat-Aquatight™ waterproofing system is a solvent free, liquid applied, high solids, aromatic polyurethane, waterproofing membrane. The system utilizes an epoxypolyamine primer, two coats of a solvent free aromatic polyurethane polyurea coating and a heavy grit sand aggregate.

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  • Polycoat-Aquaseal™ 5000

  • Polycoat-Aquaseal™ 5000 is a single component, liquid applied, bitumen modified, coal tar free, moisture cured polyurethane waterproofing membrane.

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  • Polycoat-Aquaseal™ 5000 WC/GC

  • Polycoat-Aquaseal™ 5000 WC/GC is a seamless and joint free waterproofing system created from a single component, water curable liquid applied, coal tar free, urethane/polyurea roofing and waterproofing membrane system for vertical and horizontal surfaces.

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