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Our Mission is to continuously innovate and offer the latest in Polyurea Polyurethane coatings and elastomers. With our professional Research and Development practices, we aim to deliver the highest quality products, coatings, solutions, services, and support to our most valuable asset - our customers around the world. Polycoat further strives to provide all its employees, representatives, and distributors an environment of growth and opportunity.



Corporate Headquarters: 14722 Spring Avenue Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

13827 Carmenita Road, Suite 200 Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

2800 Bay Road Redwood City, CA 94063



2051/2100 Reliance Parkway Bedford, TX 76021

3001 East Pioneer Parkway Arlington, TX 76010



753 Winer Industrial Way Suite F, Lawrenceville, GA- 30046

12600 Deerfield Pkwy Alpharetta, GA 30004





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Sales Representatives

& Industrial Polyurea Sales

Phone: +1-562-802-8834


Ron Kelly

National Sales Manager

Cell: +1-562-360-9761
Adriaan van der Capellen

Technical & Sales Manager

Cell: +1-714-296-8736
Bill Amman

Regional Manager, Eastern US

Cell: +1-757-281-9464
Anthony Perez

Regional Manager, Southwest

Cell: +1-562-309-3085
Liz Santana

Waterproofing Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Cell: +1-(562) 212-3997
Kevin Cummings

Regional Sales Manager

Cell: +1-(610) 563-8893

International Sales

Prashant Varshney

Business Manager, International

Cell: +1-562-805-4235

Industrial Coatings
& Spray Elastomers

Phone: +1-562-802-8834


Utkarsh Varshney

National Sales

Cell: +1-562-668-8324
Prashant Varshney

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Cell: +1-562-805-4235
Jason Spillers

Sales Manager

Cell: +1-406-794-1735
Phil Mayes

Account Specialist, Water Transmission Market

Cell: +1-304-633-3219
Tim Mauzy

Technical Sales Manager

Cell: +1-817-296-7882

Theme and Prop Team

Phone: +1-562-802-8834


Jeff Jarboe

Independent Sales Representative

Cell: +1-314-791-0168

Castable Elastomer Sales

Phone: +1-562-802-8834


Scott Hill

Sales Manager, Elastomers and Specialty Systems

Cell: +1-951-830-0759
Sarah Moore

Account Manager, Elastomers and Foam

Cell: +1-562-298-8588
Michael Walters

Business Manager, Hot-Cast Elastomers

Cell: +1-714-830-8177
Kent Grove

Account Manager, PrePol and Elastomers

Cell: +1-570-599-7168
Brent Parker

Sales Manager, Major Accounts Polycast

Cell: +1-562-619-0581
Eric Ferrell

Business Manager, Elastomers, Mid-West

Cell: +1-586-789-1091

Poly-Fil Team

Phone: +1-562-802-8834


Contact Customer Service at:
Cell: (866) 4-POLYFIL
Cell: (866) 476-5934
Joseph Danules

Vice President & Head of Tire Fill Division, OEM Sales

Cell: +1-404-386-2164
Jimmy Starnes

Vice President, Aftermarket Sales of
Tire Fill Division

Cell: +1-470-717-6250
John Danules

Vice President, Technical Services
Parts and Tire Fill Machines of Tire Fill Division

Cell: +1-586-764-1716
Jennifer Williamson

Office Manager of Tire Fill Division

Cell: +1-562-325-1769

Recreation Team

Phone: +1-562-802-8834


Michael Brooks

Sales Manager, Track and Recreational Surfaces

Cell: +1-804-617-4011