Poly-Fil® Brochure

Poly-Fil® products are two component, simple, reliable and ECONOMICAL liquid Poly-Urethanes. Poly-Fil® is developed for converting air filled tires into a urethane solid rubber filled tire to maximize vehicle operating efficiency and to minimize downtime associated with flat tires.

Tires filled with Poly-Fil® become flatproof, composite-solid tires that will virtually eliminate flats, blowouts, and tire damage caused by improper daily maintenance which is required by standard air filled tires. Poly-Fil® filled tires will also never need to be filled with air and will never be under-inflated, thus maximizing wear and tire performance in a wide range of conditions. Poly-Fil® tires can operate at a speed of thirty-five miles per hour (35 mph) continuously and at speeds up to fifty-five miles per hour (55 mph) for a maximum of two (2) hours. Poly-Fil® is also developed to provide a softer-ride with less fatigue on vehicles and their parts, as well as the driver. Poly-Fil® will also give better traction and handling to the vehicle compared to conventional air filled tires.

Poly-Fil Specification Guide


Poly-Fil LP
Poly-Fil 22
Poly-Fil 30
Poly-Fil HP


Poly-Fil® cost-effectively fills flatproof tires preventing down time and uninterrupted service. Tires filled with Poly-Fil® 30 & Poly-Fil® LP solid rubber will not have any flats, blowouts, or underinflated tires. Poly-Fil® is suited for all varieties of pneumatic tire construction and can operate successfully at speeds up to fifty-five miles per hour (55 MPH).


Poly-Fil® can be used to fill vehicle tires used in: Airports, Military, Quarries, Steel Mills, Freight Docks, Docking Facilities, Amusement Parks, Recreational Vehicles, Factory Transportation, Factory Transportation, Garbage & Sanitation Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Mining & Earthmoving Equipment.