Making Flats a Thing of the Past by Converting Air Filled Tires Into Flat-Proof Urethane Filled Tires.

Poly-Fil was developed for converting air filled tires into a urethane solid filled tire maximizing vehicle operating efficiency and minimizing downtime associated with flat tires. Poly-Fil virtually eliminates flats, blowouts, and tire damage caused by improper daily maintenance which is required by standard air filled tires. Poly-Fil™ filled tires will also never need to be filled with air and will never be under-inflated, thus maximizing wear and tire performance in a wide range of conditions. Poly-Fil 30 tires can operate at speeds of 35 MPH continuously and at speeds up to 55 MPH for a maximum of 4 hours. Poly-Fil was also developed to provide a softer-ride with less fatigue on vehicles and their parts, as well as the driver. Poly-Fil will also give better traction and handling to the vehicle compared to conventional air filled tires.

Poly-Fil exclusively offers the HULK II, Maverick Tire Filling and Maverick Grinding Systems. In addition to new machines, we can upgrade, remanufacture, repair, or repurchase currently owned machines. We also offer repair parts and services for not only our machines, but most of the existing tire-fill machines in use.

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