ICC Evaluated Decking Systems

Polycoat Products offers “industry first“ elastomeric deck coatings with Class A and Class B Fire Ratings. The fact that we received the International Code Council (ICC) approvals provides evidence of the superior quality of our systems and also our dedication to formulating high-quality materials with added safety.

System Specifications

  • Polydeck® 355

  • The Polydeck® 355 Pedestrian Traffic Deck System has a class B Fire Rating on 5/8” (1.59 cm) or 19/32” (1.51 cm) plywood and is an elastomeric, liquid applied, moisture cured, polyurethane waterproofing system.

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  • Polydeck® 400

  • The Polydeck® 400 Pedestrian Traffic Deck System is a polyurethane, liquid applied, moisture-cured waterproofing system with a Class A Fire Rating on 3/4” (1.9 cm) or 21/32” (1.67 cm) plywood.

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  • Poly-I-Gard™ 575 FR

  • The Poly-I-Gard™ 575FR (Fire Rated, Class A) Vehicular Traffic Deck System is a very fast-setting, rapid-curing, 100 percent solids, polyurethane/polyurea, liquid-applied, chemically cured waterproofing coating system. The system utilizes a two-component epoxy primer, a two-component, non-gassing.

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  • Poly-I-Gard™ 246

  • The Poly-I-Gard™ 246 Vehicular Traffic Deck System is a liquid applied, high solids, moisture-cured waterproofing system. It utilizes an epoxy primer and one easy-to-use high tensile, aromatic polyurethane to complete the system.

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