Themecoat® 752 FR

Fire Retardant Two Component Aromatic Hybrid Polyurethane Protective Coating


Themecoat® 752-FR is a fire-rated, fast set, rapid curing, aromatic, two component hybrid polyurea/polyurethane spray designed to be applied over EPS, wood, and many other surfaces.


  • 100% Solids

  • Excellent Chemical Protection

  • Excellent Cold Temperature Impact

  • Excellent Thermal Stability

  • Fast Cure

  • High Productivity

  • Low Shrinkage

  • Meets USDA Criteria

  • Plastic “Shell-Like” Protection

  • Zero VOC

Typical Uses

  • Architectural Shapes

  • Decorations / Props

  • Dock Flotations

  • Food Processing Plants

  • Speaker Boxes

  • Steel Coating

  • Wood Cabinets

  • Wood Pallets / Crates

System Mils

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