Polyglaze® 100 / 100C / 100SC

Aliphatic Polyurethane Topcoat


Polyglaze® 100/100C/100SC is a polyester, aliphatic, single component, liquid applied, moisture cured, polyurethane topcoat for waterproofing membrane systems.


  • Durable

  • Excellent Weatherability

  • Limited Chemical Resistance

  • Seamless Weatherproofing Membrane

  • UV Resistant For Gloss Retention

Typical Uses

  • Concrete

  • Heavy Pedestrian Traffic

  • Most Metal, Wood or Masonry Surfaces

  • Plywood

  • Re-sealing Existing Polyurethane Surfaces


Polyglaze® 100 (340 VOC): Clear and Tan

Polyglaze® 100C (250 VOC): Tan and Dolphin Grey. Tint-White with color packs are available in Stone Grey, Battleship Grey, Indian Sand, and Ash Brown.

Polyglaze® 100SC (100 VOC): Tan, Dolphin Grey, Red and Tint-White.Tint-White with color packs are available in Stone Grey, Dolphin Grey, Battleship Grey, Tan, Indian Sand and Ash Brown.

Technical Data Sheet

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