Polyeuro® MPL-90

Two Component Modified Polyurea Protective Coating


Polyeuro® MPL-90 is a two component, 1:1, 100% solids, fast set, liquid applied, modified polyurea liner system for metal, concrete, fiberglass and wood surfaces.


  • Seamless

  • Tough and Elastomeric

  • High Build

  • Quick Drying

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Low Temperature Flexibility

  • Abrasion and Impact Resistant

Typical Uses

  • Cargo liners

  • Boat Linings

  • Horse Trailers

  • Walkways

  • Waterprrof Decking

  • Encapsulation of Fiberglass Bodies and Polystyrene Foams


Neutral or Black. Custom colors are available upon request.

Technical Data Sheet

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