Polycoat-Staingard™ 9072SC

Aliphatic, Polyaspartic, Polyurea Waterproofing Membrane Topcoat


Polycoat Staingard™ 9072SC is an aliphatic polyaspartic, environmentally friendly, highly chemical resistant surface topcoat for waterproofing membrane systems.


  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Excellent Weatherability

  • High Gloss

  • High Tensile Strength

  • Quick Cure

  • Seamless Waterproofing Membrane

  • Skydrol Resistance

  • Superior Chemical Resistance

  • Topcoat Over Aromatic Polyurea, Polyurethane & Epoxy Applications

  • UV Resistant For Superior Gloss Retention

  • Very Durable

Typical Uses

  • Concrete

  • Chemical Plants

  • Cold Storage Areas

  • Fertilizer Plants

  • Food Processing Areas

  • Industrial Warehouses

  • Off-Shore Oil Platforms

  • Pipeline Barges

  • Plastic

  • Plywood

  • Pulp and Paper Mills

  • Steel



Technical Data Sheet

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