Oil & Gas Industry

Very high standards and stringent environmental regulations are present and provide unique chal-lenges as petroleum products and natural gas in their treatment, storage and transportation. There is also high complexity of the specification and application processes that need to met. High levels of abrasion resistance, heat-resistant properties, and in some situations fire proofing is necessary and must be taken in account. Crude oil, shale oil, natural gas and their derivatives all need to be noted when considering materials a coating or liner encounter. The coatings must provide premium quality, continued performance, effective protection of assets also provide and optimum lifespan. Over the decades, our polyurea (PUA), polyurethane (PUR) and polyurea-polyurethane (PUA-PUR) have been proven to be able to provide complex solutions. We believe our chemical engineering in material formulations can meet many of the strict application requirements and environmental regulation standards. Cutting edge robotic technology used to apply also need application flexibility of our products.

Our polyureas can uses for coatings or liners in pipelines, primary containment, secondary containment, and as apart of transportations of oil and gases.

Crude Pipelines, Tanks and Process Equipment

Gas Containment and Storage

Fuel Storage and Containment

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