Mining Process Systems & Facilities

Mining presents another set of challenges when creating formulations for coatings and liners for this industry. Whether this is new construction or maintenance of existing area, mining coatings and liners require user friendly applications for applicators as underground operations have limited visibility and space. The processing of metals such as gold, copper, iron or minerals require products to have high resistance to impact and abrasion as well as to and chemical exposures. Limited down time available also yields to using fast-setting polyurea technology. The higher wear-resistance capa-bilities of polyurea also enhances safety and protection from conveyor equipment, natural ele-ments and gases, and other conditions presented in mines. The coatings must have also have a long service life.

Our Polyureas can function as pipe liners, distribution liners, process liners, containment liners, as well as protective coatings. Areas of application include

Abrasion resistant for screens

Blast Control or Mitigation

Concrete Substrate Purging

Mining Process Systems and Facilities

Secondary Containment Systems

Soil / Structural Stabilization

Utility Vehicle Linings

Technology and Products