Marine Environments & Water Systems

Marine environments present unique challenges independent of traditional challenges on any project. Sea air and sea water corrosion are daily assaults to any marine project. Our polyurea and polyurea-polyurethane (PUA-PUR) systems were developed to protection for steel, aluminum, wood and fiberglass whether submerged or above water. Our coatings are used for abrasion, chemical and corrosion resistant applications. Coatings for decking on offshore rigs need high ultraviolet resistance, enhanced slip resistance and durability from abrasion and impact from heavy machinery, sea vessels and sea plants. In addition, decks need to have high-visibility and fire and heat resistant coating. PUA and PUA-PUR are high performance coatings to provide solutions for all of these issues. We are also mindful of the aquatic life and our formulations try to minimize any impact on surrounding environments. We can provide comprehensive solutions to manage all the processes of water management. Our product for potable water applications are USDA-acceptable and NSF-approved to ANSI-NSF. It also has a rapid tack-free time of 45 seconds, with excellent abrasion resistance. Polyurea forms an effective primary containment liner for ponds, fountains and other water features.

Our formulations have the following applications

Aquatic Life Habitats and Venues

Boat Linings

Canals, Dams & Basins

Cargo Holds

Cargo Linings

Lakes, Ponds and Water Containment

Marine Exposure or Submersed Applications

Offshore Rigs and Platforms

Piling Coatings Wood and Metal

Portable Water Tanks/Pipes

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Water Parks & Playgrounds

Technology and Products