Infrastructure & Transportation

Strong and sound roads, bridges, tunnels and transportation systems are key to the success of a nation and their economy. Polycoat is constantly striving to provide total solutions that are comprehensive, innovative, resilient with rapid settings that helps roadways and bridges return to service quickly. Our customers demand total solution designed for fast completions for limited timelines. Delivering complex solutions with chemistry assists our customers with engineering and architectural challenges they face. The use of polyurea-polyurethane (PUA-PUR) in this market sector is growing. Polyureas have many technological advantages over traditional epoxy and acrylic products. They are highly durable, resists corrosion, are fast setting, and have great adhesion to concrete, metal, polyurea forms. PUA-PUR also provide superior protective barriers from hazardous and dangerous materials and waste. Polyurea as a permanent liner for transport trucks, trains, boats, ships, freighters, first response containers, service vehicles, and steel containers are the premier chemistry of choice for excellent durability, abrasion resistance, environmentally friendly and offers a seamless liner. Polyurea linings are blast resistant, ballistic mitigation, enhanced skid-resistance and corrosion control.

Our products can be used for

Bridge Deck Membranes

Heavy and Light Rail Systems and Facilities

Manhole and Sewer Linings

Pole Coatings Wood and Metal

Rail, Barge and Truck Linings

Rail Construction Base Coatings

Ship, barge, truck and rail liners

Truck Bed Liners

Tunnel Lining & Waterproofing

Vehicular Traffic Decks and Garages

Technology and Products