Industrial & Commercial Sectors

Many of our polyurea and polyurea-polyurethane (PUA-PUR) systems are designed specifically for industrial and commercial market sectors. Highly durable and cost effective systems have been developed for flooring, decking, roofing, and other applications. PUA and PUA-PUR coating systems are ideal to provide seamless, durable, low-maintenance, sanitary, safe, enhanced slip-resistant surfaces. They are extremely flexible with highly chemical, weather and corrosion resistance. PUA and PUA-PUR can be used for rehabilitation, thermal and blast protection of tank farms, pipelines, primary and secondary containment, tank roofs and corrosion control of floors, walkways, helicopter pads, workshops, control rooms, and other areas of application. We have designed some of coating systems to be combined with geotextiles to create a composite liner system that can be installed as a seamless monolithic surface, providing additional strength and protection to the coating system. Our chemical engineers to design and formulate the latest in cutting-edge coatings technology so our clients come to the industry with the best chemistry and products suiting strict project requirements. Our products provide total solutions in meet regulations and demanding architectural specifications. Past projects in this segment range from heavy industrial manufacturing plants and facilities to stadium and high profile commercial construction projects such as high end resorts globally. We provide Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic Deck Systems, Waterproofing Systems for above grade and below grade applications , Roofing Systems, Water Systems, and Security Systems (Blast Mitigation and personnel protection).

Our PUA and PUA-PUR products provide solutions in the following areas


Blast Control or Mitigation

Bridge-Deck Membranes

Chemical-Process Facilities

Cold-Storage Facilities

Concrete Substrate Waterproofing

Flooring and Parking Decks

Food-Processing Facilities

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Live-Stock Facilities and Dairy Farms

Paper and Pulp Mills

Power-Production Plants


Roofing Systems Membranes

Urethane Foam Roofing

Walkways and Balconies

Waterproof Decking

Technology and Products