Containment Liners for Protection

Our Polyurea (PUA) polyurea-polyurethane (PUA-PUR) formulated systems have been created to provide superior chemical properties, premium physical capabilities and enhances the durability and life span of the substrate whether concrete, wood, steel and other metal substrates. These products have premium physical properties including high tensile strength, elongation, and tear resistance. Many are also high solids with low to no VOC’s. Many coatings have rapid setting formulations to reduce the time and cost of projects. PUA and PUA-PUR are ideal as liners for primary and secondary containment areas, hazardous waste, nuclear waste and gas containment. Polyureas are resistant to various fuels, chemicals, freeze/thaw cycles and frost heaves. These also can provide abrasion and corrosion protection. These systems can be applied during primary construction or in a reconstruction. Incorporating geotextiles in the coating or lining systems, help provides additional strength and protection. Although each market sector present an array of unique challenges, the performance of PUA and PUA-PUR systems provide idea solutions.

There are many areas of application of these products. Categories of application are but not limited to


Canals, Dams & Basins

Boat Liners

Chemical-Process Facilities

Cargo Holds and Linings

Crude Oil Pipelines, Tanks and Process Equipment

Fertilizer Plants

Fuel Storage and Containment

Internal and External Coatings for Pipelines

Lakes, Ponds and Water Containment

Landfill Containment

Manhole and Sewer Linings

Marine Exposure or Submersed Applications

Mining Process Systems and Facilities

Paper and Pulp Mills

Potable Water Storage, Process and Distribution

Power Production Plants


Storage Tanks, Internal & External

Warehouse Floors

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Technology and Products