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Poly-fil® LP – Shore A 10 Durometer -

Is excellent for applications requiring a wider foot print for flotation type tires that need a soft ride for the equipment and operator. Applications for Poly-fil® LP include:
* Skid steers
* Loaders at transfer stations (adds traction for pushing as well as flat proofing)
* Farm and agriculture equipment
* Golf course and lawn mowing equipment

Poly-fil® 22 – Shore A 22 Durometer

Material rides slightly harder than Poly-fil® LP and has a little less deflection which results in less heat build up while still providing a soft ride. Applications for Poly-fil® 22 include:
* Loaders
* Lawnmowers
* Tractors
* Pressure washers
* Wheelbarrows
* Hand carts

Poly-fil® 30 – Shore A 30 Durometer -

Will fill the needs of most applications where tire flat proofing is needed. This product may be run at speeds up up 55 MPH for 4 hours. This is a reliable and economical material that will run all day long at 35 MPH. Applications for Poly-fil® 30 include:
* Military * Ports * Amusements parks
* Construction * Street sweepers * Garbage / Sanitation vehicles
* Sea ports * Loaders * Mining / Earth moving equipment
* Steel mills * Fork lifts * Factory vehicles

Poly-fil® HP – Shore A 52 Durometer -

Poly-fil® HP is made for heavy-slow moving equipment where no deflection is wanted or needed. Stratocranes and high reach equipment are ideal applications for Poly-fil® HP where stability and safety are paramount. Applications for Poly-fil® HP include:
* Man lift (essential for safety)
* Cranes
* Mining applications
* Military
* Sea ports
* Steel mills